Viscosity Bath

Viscosity Bath

We manufacture and supply low temperature water bath. It has the following features:

Temp. Range : Above ambient to 99.9ºC, 0ºC TO 99.9ºC, -10ºC to 99.9ºC
Accuracy : +0.1 º C to 0.5 º C

Equipment specially designed for tests in the field of Medical, Agricultural, Bio-chemical, R & D & Q.C Laboratories & to suit the various IS standards.

Construction : Double walled, Exterior of CRCA/GI Epoxy Powder coated & Inner chamber of AISI S.S 304, with PUF insulation, S. S. Lid on top.
Circulation : Efficient motor of 1440 RPM top mounted is installed for stirring to get temp uniformity.
Heaters : S. S. tubular heaters for maintaining of temp.
Refrigeration System : Hermitically sealed compressor provides temp. for below ambient conditions, Double stage compressors with cascade system for Temp. -40ºC / -70ºC, Refrigerant CFC Free.
Temp. control : Digital temp controller housing all the controls, switches with PT-100 sensor.
Option : Models available as per GMP/Complete S.S unit, Microprocessor based PID temp. control with printer interface, RS 232 CPC / RS 485 interface for multiple networking of controller.
Validation : Validation Protocols for IQ OQ PQ & DQ complete documentation with reports, Calibration & Test Certificates traceable to national & International Standards.
Safety Features : Safety thermostat for over shoot of temp., safety circuit to cut off the whole systems in case of malfunction. (Applicable to based models only) HRC fuses for compressors, heaters & mains, time delay circuit for safety of compressor.
Special care : A suitable K. V. A. Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer is recommended.

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