Serological Water Bath

Stability Cooling Chambers

• Double walled in construction.
• Inner chamber and lie made of Stainless Steel.
• Outer chamber made of Mild Steel with powder coating.
• Gap between the walls filled with glass wool insulation to avoid the heat loss.
• The inner chamber heated with immersion type heating elements is covered.
• Temp. range 5 degree c above ambient to 60 degree c with Accuracy: +-2 degree c.
• Long costing heating elements. To operates on 230 volts A.C. Only.

• A high speed stirrer with a motor of 1/20 HP is fitted to the unit for continuous stirring and this can maintain a uniform heating throughout the chamber.
• The heating mechanism comprises of set of heaters pertaining to fast heating to operated 230 volts AC only.
• Designed for immersion requirements and for external Circulation to maintain Constant temp.
• To Operated 230 Volts AC only.

Available Sizes

2 rack
25x15x17 Cm
4 rack
35x 25 x 17 Cm

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