Laminar Air Flow Chamber

Laminar Air Flow Chamber

Our GMP model, Laminar air flow chambers are available in Vertical as well as Horizontal Models and used where high-tech manufacturing and assembly takes place and thus widely found in semiconductor assembly, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, aerospace, food, medical devices and hospitals.

These Laminar air flow chambers are tested on various quality parameters to ensure smooth functioning and manufactured with Class 100 airflow in the work region in accordance to US FED STD 209.

Technical Specification

• Air Velocity: Between 0.4 to 0.5 m/s with +/- 20%
• HEPA Efficiency; 99.997 % at 0.3 microns with DOP test
• Pre filter Washable with a stoppage: up to 90 % at 5 microns
• Sound Level: Less than 65 dB (A)
• Light Intensity (Lux) :900 - 1300 Lux
• Cleanliness: US Federal Standard 209 E
• Class 100
• Power Supply: 220/240 V Single Ph, 50 Hz AC.

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